All students in grades 1-12 will receive a Chromebook. Chromebooks are a laptop-type computer that depends on the internet for programs and applications. The computers run Chrome OS, an operating system that has multiple layers of security, cloud storage, and the most popular Google products built-in.

Take care of your ChromebookDo NOT drop, toss or leave your backpack unattended with your Chromebook inside
Know where your Chromebook is at all timesDo NOT leave your Chromebook unattended or loan it to a friend or family member
Transport your Chromebook in the closed positionDo NOT walk around with your Chromebook in the open position
Keep your Chromebook in the original conditionDo NOT write, draw, or put stickers on your Chromebook
Protect your Chromebook from rain, drinks, and foodDo NOT eat or drink near your Chromebook

Will students need to carry their Chromebooks to and from school?

Elementary students will probably not need to take their Chromebooks home this year. Starting next year, however, some of your student’s textbooks may be placed on their Chromebook, and they may need to take it home to complete homework.

Middle and high school students will need to carry their Chromebooks from home to school each day.

What happens if my son’s or daughter’s Chromebook is lost or damaged?

Schools will treat each Chromebook the same as a textbook. Students with a lost or damaged Chromebook will be given a replacement. However, they will be expected to pay the cost for its replacement or repair. The cost for a new Dell Chromebook (with the upgrades required by the district) is $259.00.

What safeguards are in place to protect students on the internet?

Every effort has been made to safeguard students’ safety and privacy as they use these new digital tools. For example, internet access will be limited in much the same way that parental control settings work on television. Student email messages will be continuously scanned for inappropriate content such as messages involving threats, violence, drugs, and other items that are inappropriate in school settings. Our school will also ensure that every student learns his or her responsibilities as a “digital citizen” through participation in digital citizenship lessons about internet safety, privacy, cyberbullying, information literacy, etc.

What if we don’t have internet service at home?

Chromebooks come with enough internal memory to allow students to complete most assignments offline. Any offline work will be synced in their digital folders as soon as they reconnect to the internet.

Will these computers replace paper and pencil?

These new devices will allow students to research and create, to work together, and to organize their learning in ways that can’t be done with traditional paper resources. This does not mean that our students won’t ever use paper and pencil. It just means that they will not be limited to that medium alone.

Chromebook Repair Prices

Total Chromebook replacement fee: $259.00
Gumdrop Chromebook Case: $34.00
LCD Screen(not including hinges/bezel): $67.00 
LCD Assembly(Top Shell/Lid): $21.99
LCD Metal Hinge(Left): $9.99
LCD Metal Hinge(Right): $4.99
Bottom Cover/Shell: $9.99
LCD Bezel Frame: $9.99
Keyboard: $19.99
Palmrest: $23.99
Power/Charging port: $4.99
Headphone Port/Audio Board: $9.99
Power Charge(Power Brick/Cord): $59.99